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Get Failure on Solar Winds TFTP Server

I had a Avocent flash update failure and the only way to rectify is to setup a TFTP server, so I installed Solar Windows tftp on my laptop, downloaded the latest firmware from Emerson website and placed it in the Solar Winds TFTP directly.  Connected laptop to the same switch as the Avocent and I do see it trying to connect. (Avocent Switch ) (My laptop that is running TFTP)

TFTP connected from on 9/7/2016 10:26 am, binary. GET.  Transmission failed.  Could not find fail "C:\TFTP-Root\DSR8035.fl"

That path statement contains the firmware.

I've checked permissions on the folder/file.  It is a default setting of Solar Winds TFTP that allows for any connection.

Not sure why it is failing.