I am trying to get the SNMP Enabler working and no matter what credentials I use for communicating with my chosen node I repeatedly get Login Credentials Failed. I have tried both domain and local which I know work but they do not work in the SNMP Enabler program.

I am running it as an administrator and both machines are on the same domain.

I am able to telnet from my machine to the destination on ports 135 and 445 for PsExec.

I am using PsExec and tried WMI too but that does not seem to matter as it cannot get past the login credentials error.

I have not specified the location of OS Install Files as there is nothing newer than Windows Server 2003 to choose from.

SNMP Enabler is running Windows 8.1 Enterprise and the target machine I am trying to talk to is running Server 2008 R2 Standard.

I am desperate to get this tool working as I have a large number of devices to update the SNMP host settings on and this would be a useful way of doing things in bulk.