SNMP Enabler not working

This seems to be a common problem in these forums...


I have done everything possible, both from the help file and these forums to get SNMP Enabler working. The installations always fail, or SNMP Enabler locks up/crashes. I cannot express how very little i want to have to go hands-on all the machines in my network. 


The setup is thus: The install files are on a network share drive that maps out on login. PSEXEC is in the same share. 95% of the computers in my network map this drive. Using PSEXEC, i get an "unexpected error" on every machine that does not have SNMP already. For those, it succeeds in configuration.


If i use WMI, the installation starts, but fails. Logs from individual computers suggest that SNMP was indeed installed, but cannot start or be configured. Is this a known problem?