SFTP/SCP Server - Windows 10 UAC blocking access

I was recently trying to install and use the SFTP server but I have ran into a problem. When trying to start the application my Windows 10 UAC is blocking the program. To be clear, it runs once when installed, but after closing the program and trying to launch it again Windows is blocking it.

I am the only administrator on the computer I am trying to run  this on. I was not able to find a working workaround on the internet (other than turning of UAC which is not happening).  I haven’t been able to find logs, but my assumption is that due to recent security issues that Windows may be blocking it based on the certificate used to sign the program, but that is only a guess. It has been a long time since I have used it before, but I know that it did work with Windows 10 at some point in the past.

Can someone help me use SolarWinds SFTP server on Windows 10?

The message is gives is as follows. (I am not able to take a screenshot of the UAC popup)


This app has been blocked for your protection.

An administrator has blocked you from running this app for more information contact your administrator.


Publisher unknown

<Then it also has file path information, I installed to the default path>

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  • Currently testing on my PC at home before putting in the one out at church (for ease of testing). Both are Windows 10

    My home PC is Windows 10.0.19041 (Build 19041)

    In regards to AV, I am running Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10.

    -- I also tested on my work laptop which runs Symantec Endpoint Protection on Win10 build 18363 with the same result.