SCP Server Version / Offline Installer

Does anyone know what the most current version of SCP Server is and if there is an offline installer available? I called and spoke with SW about this. They told me that "it is a free tool and therefore unsupported." When I asked if he even knew the version number he stated that "free tools have no support team and I don't have any training in that area."

  • We have recently released a new version of SFTP/SCP Server free tool v19.4. You can download the bits from FREE SFTP/SCP Server | SolarWinds


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    I grabbed this installer but it won't install on a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC device. Should it?

  • I'm a fan of Orion and the ETS. But...

    The problem is not Microsoft. Sorry but I believe that to be fact. I have the ETS installed on Windows 10 and the SFTP/SCP server installed and it works fine. A little slow to start but works great once it does start. I downloaded and installed the latest free version over the older version and it works fine as well.

    However, if I uninstall the ETS then try to install SFTP/SCP by itself I get an error message saying the OS is not supported and I need to upgrade. Really?

    Reinstall ETS and guess what, SFTP/SCP install and operation works fine. Hmmm. Me thinks the OS is supported.

    It appears the "upgrade" that is required, is for folks wanting to use the "free" SFTP/SCP, is to purchase some other SolarWinds product and install it, then install the "free" SFTP/SCP tool.

    Also duplicated the same results on Server 2019 Standard.

    It is not a Microsoft compatibility issue. It is an issue with the SFTP/SCP installer and the checks it performs. IMHO, SolarWinds needs to remove SFTP/SCP from the free tools list or fix the installer. Or add a caveat to the SFTP/SCP installation requirements that discloses the fact that the "free" tool will install and work on a system that has a licensed SolarWinds product installed first.