SFTP/SCP Server Error/Weird Behavior

So we are trying to use the SFTP/SCP free tool, and while ive seen multiple forums none actually discuss an issue i discovered.

While there seems to be bugs in with connection timeouts, and having to start it as administrator, the issue we are seeing is that we will download one copy of SFTP from the solarwinds site. This should be the latest and greatest 1.2.xx

I installed on box A and boom nice clean quick install. It also installed TFTP (sure whatever). I opened up the app via the start menu, loaded was able to configure, start service and connect via winscp No issues what so ever. Checked the version = 1.2

I then installed on box B, and boom nice clean quick install. NOT SO FAST........1) no TFTP installed (not a problem), I opened up the app via the start menu, it loaded i clicked on configure closed the configuer and got the task manager error that many have seen, also i was unable to start the service as it said i didn't have permissions. (mind you both servers set up and logged into the same EXACT way, even the pesky windows updates.) I did solve the start service problem via running the service and as administrator. So I connect to the server and at the 2 minute and 1 second mark I get disconnected. Try again, same result.

Racking my head and losing brain cells trying to figure this out. I notice 1 things. on Box A its version 1.2, however on Box B its I used the same exact .MSI.

I can't figure out what the difference is on the servers both are Windows 2016.

any help would be appreciated.

  • To give an update, we discovered a work around for the 2 minute timeout in 1.0.49. In your setting in your Ftp client tool, there should be an option to keep connections alive every 60 seconds. This has solved our issue. Though the solution for the install remains a mystery