SFTP/SCP server won't accept transfer requests from any UNIX or LINUX system


  We're having a problem trying to do an SCP transfer from a LINUX F5 load balancer to the Solarwinds SFTP/SCP server running on our OrionNPM server.  The command  line script we're using at the LINUX end is:

scp -p /var/local/ucs/temp.ucs [username]@[servername]:temp.ucs

The Solarwinds SCP server responds with the request for password and once entered it just sits there.  It never completes and at the SCP server end there is a 0 length file with the name specified in the script, temp.ucs.  I then tried this from multiple LINUX and UNIX systems that are not an F5 load balancer and got the same results.  Next I loaded the Solarwinds SCP on another server and still got the same results.  I then shut down the Solarwind SCP server on the orionnpm server and loaded an eval copy of the Bitvise SCP server and that works correctly.

I also tried a windows to Solarwinds SCP transfer using WinSCP at the windows end and that works.  This tells me the Solarwinds SCP server will only work with a windows to windows file copy

So based on that, there appears to be some bug issue with the Solarwinds SFTP/SCP server in dealing with UNIX/LINUX file copy.  I currently have Case #583806  open with support but have yet to receive a response.

  • I got it working.  After I wrote the above, I got to thinking about permission differences between LINUX and Windows.  The SCP -p option and the LINUX end is feature to make the transfer keep the path and LINUX permissions intact at the receiving end.  Since the receiving end is a Windows server, that doesn't translate.  As soon as I remove the -p option it started working.  Good thing is that just writing it down here made me think about it