SFTP/SCP Server Application Missing Initial Screen

I have downloaded and installed the FTP/SCP Server application.  I am following instructions and a demo video for setup.  In both, it implies that when you launch the application there is a screen where you can then go to File->Configure.  I do not get that screen.  When I launch the app I go right into the config screen.  How do I access the monitoring screen?

Also, how do I set up my certificates?

Attachment 1 is the screen I am expecting.  

Attachment 2 is the screen I get.

  • I opened a support ticket because I have the same problem and go the response:

    "There's no conflict with the version as that's how the new tool is designed".

    I do noticed that I have 3 different versions on my server and asked if I just needed to delete one of the versions to get the logs back and got:

    "I can't say if uninstalling the new version will allow you to use the old one. As mentioned, this is just a free tool and we don't have any documentation for it. You can try but I'm not sure what the outcome will be."

    Anyone want to try deleting the new version and see if it works on the old one? I have 3 versions and it only stopped working when the newest one got installed with the latest patch:
  • it has not worked for me since we moved to 2020.x.x

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