Cisco UCM backup to SFTP(/SCP) Server is failing with "Cannot write: Broken pipe"

Cisco UCM 7.1(2) "CCMDB" component is failing during backup (Cisco DRF) with the log message "/bin/tar: -: Cannot write: Broken pipe".  The complete message is at the following link with a workaround for Open SSH:

It may be worth noting that I work in a WAN with at least a dozen CUCM clusters having backed up successfully, but the cluster which is on the same LAN as the SFTP server is the only one failing.

I'm hoping that there are some lines similar to the "ClientAliveCountMax" and "ClientAliveInterval" that I can add to "SolarWindsSFTPServer.exe.config" which will have the same effect on SolarWinds SFTP.

Any suggestions?

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