Solarwinds SCP transfers

Having an issue while transfering IOS files such as for a Cisco 3850 where the transfer aborts about halfway through.  We have tried this multiple times.  We have even built a new Solarwinds server for other reasons and still have the same issue.  We have the most current builds of  Solarwinds NCM, NPM, etc.  Is there a timeout that can be set?

  • There is a possible spot in NCM Settings > Config Settings > SNMP Config Transfer Timeout

    Default is 4 min

  • Hey so I hope this was figured out for you by now, but I have been having the same issue with no luck from customer support through email.  I have found though that there seems to be a session timeout with the application itself (SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server).  If I initiate a transfer and leave it alone, I will come back about 5-10 minutes later and the Service Status is "Stopped" and the transfer failed.  However, if I stay at my computer and click on things every couple of minutes or so, the transfer will finish just fine.  This is definitely not ideal and REALLY needs to be fixed since we can't afford to sit in front of our computer for 20-30 minutes waiting for a transfer to every device from the Solarwinds server...Hopefully this is addressed.

  • My experience with SFTP and SCP is the same. I know usually it gets frowned upon, I use TFTP and that works great. Just log into the Solarwinds server and start up the TFTP service.