Cannot connect HPE Synergy to SFTP/SCP server (SSH error)


I am trying to setup a new HPE Synergy 12000 server chassis/frame to auto backup its full configuration/profile to a new server vm (Win2016) that has been built to hold Solarwinds SFTP/SCP server as its primary/sole application.

When i enter the IP host data of the SFTP/SCP server into the Synergy's remote backup settings, i get the error:


Where the IP host listed is correct and curerntly alive and active.

Does there need to be other configuration implemented on the new server in order to provide this SSH key?

This is the first SFTP server that I have ever needed to create.


  • Wow. 12 months and no response. Apparently noone in the world uses Solarwinds for connecting to HPE enterprise server equipment !?

  • Q. How is the public host key exported from Solarwinds in ssh-rsa format? Will providing this allow the manual input of the key at the Synergy end to succeed? or is the above error symptomatic of the SFTP server itself not running (or not communicating across the network), rather than a key issue?

    I do get an Unhandled Exception error every time I access the configuration of SFTP server console (and have seen some forum posts about this error in years previously, but those solution suggestions did not appear to work) but I cannot tell whether it is working or not from the console. Should the 'Bound to:' entry be empty?