Strange proble with RTVfW

I recently found RTVfW and it appears to be a great tool.  While doing some sample troubleshooting, i have noticed some strange behavior in RTVfW.  I have attached a sample capture of me pinging a network server and, at the same time, opening a 1MB sample MS Word document.  I can open the file in Wireshark and it seems to show all the protocols - ICMP, TCP, SMB2, others - and all the packets.

When I try and "Analyze" the capture in RTVfW, after I hit the Analyze button, it looks like the app is having problem, the analyzing status bar seems to hop around a bit, like it keeps starting over, and it never gets to the end.  When the Response Time Dashboard opens, it seems like it didnt read all the capture file.  It only shows 19k worth of the TCP traffic when it should be at least 1MB.  No SMB shows up, no ICMP.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my laptop and then installing Wireshark and RTVfW on a different machine with the same results.

Any thoughts?


test opening Word doc VPNd into EWDC.pcapng