Real-Time NetFlow Collector/FatPipe WARP routers

I have RNA installed on a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit server.  I have been able to get traffic data for our Cisco ASA 5520 firewalls and was able to get the interfaces for our FatPipe WARP routers but no traffic data for these interfaces.  I have confirmed the udp 2055 traffic from the FatPipe routers is hitting this server and per netstat -an output the server is listening on the port.  I need to add that while I am not a netflow noob (I have used Scrutinizer in the past) I am an RNA noob.  In addition to the zero traffic data for the FatPipe routers, I cannot start a flow capture on any interface even one with traffic data on it.  When I click Start Flow Capture in RNA while I have an interface selected with traffic data, I see the error "NetfFlow is not detected on the selected interface. Please select another or configured the interface to send NetFlow data to the host NetFlow Realtime is running on."  I see this error on every interface I have traffic data for.  I realize this is a free tool but it would be nice to get some help here of course I appreciate in advance any such assistance!

  • Helps if I have the correct SNMP community name;-)  I tried for grins deleting my FatPipe object in RNA and re-creating it, found that the community name was not configured in RNA.  So I added it, re-created the FatPipe object and THEN..... I saw "NetFlow" in the Flow Type column.  And NOW when I click on one of the FatPipe interfaces and click Start Flow Capture, I get RESULTS YOWSA!  Now if I could just get my ASA to cooperate perhaps I'll next try deleting and re-adding the ASA object.