speed on interfaces is incorrect

Brand new install of win vista 64bit that was immediately upgraded to win 7 home premium 64bit. i installed the free real-time netflow analyzer and my interface speeds are ridiculously high.

For instance, it is currently showing me doing over 100Mbits out of my 30Mbit connection while 'sh int fa1/0/0' only shows 3Mbits going out. Even my bonded ds1 multilink is pushing over 10Mbits outbound somehow....

When I use a competitor's product, the Mbits are correctly displayed. I have MRTG and Cacti polling those same interfaces and they are also showing the correct current Mbit/s speed.

However, after this fresh new install of win7, I am unable to get accurate Mbit/s report from this SolarWinds product. I know it can work well because I had it perfect prior to this re-install of win7 64bit. I'm not sure what I had on the laptop before, but man, this sure isnt coming out right at all and I'm at a loss now after troubleshooting this for a few days.

Any suggestions?


My setup:

I'm NAT'd behind a WRTG54 wireless router. My IP is currently in the DMZ for testing reasons. previous port forwards were/are still in place for 161-162 (snmp) and 9999 (netflow).

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

ip flow-export source FastEthernet1/0/0
ip flow-export version 5
ip flow-export destination public.ip.addy.home 9999

ip route-cache flow is enabled on 3 FastEthernet interfaces. fist interface is our Ethernet WAN hand-off from our ISP, the other two interfaces are Ethernet hand-offs to two racks of equipment.

snmp-server community tacosnachos RO 50
snmp-server ifindex persist
snmp-server enable traps tty

access-list 50 permit public.ip.addy.home