I am using RTNTA and I can see my device, my configured interfaces and can also see traffic under the in and out colums. I do not get any green marks, and when I start to capture, I get the "Netflow is not detected on the selected interface"


  • Do you use Netflow v9 or v5? What version of Netflow Realtime Monitor you have? Try getting the latest one (distributed with Engineer's Toolset 10.9). Another option is to disable SNMP by (for instance) specifying an invalid SNMP credential for the selected device. Once you specify the invalid credential, remove the device from the list, and restart the application. You will not see all the interfaces, but you may be able to see the interfaces sending Netflow traffic. Try both v5 and v9 to see whether it makes any difference. If that does not help, please contact our support.

  • I am using flow-export version 5.the solarwinds RTNA shows version restared the application as you said but the same thing happened.I am new to this so please help me out.how to know whether the verions are supported or not?I am sending you the result of the applicationuntitled.JPG

    Netflow configurator also works fine but when i try to capture then no device added message comes.I am in great need of this tool .

  • Based on your screenshot, it appears like you still have SNMP in use. Click the keychain button when the device is selected in the main window, and change the community string to something that is not valid. Confirm the change, and then remove the device from the list by clicking the X button next to the keychain button. Then restart the application and wait for the device to appear again.

  • I did as u said but the device did not appear after restarting the application.untitled.JPG

    what should i do after this?

  • This means there are no Netflow packets arriving at the port 2055 or the application cannot detect them. You can check your firewall settings and use WireShark to see whether there are any netflow packets arriving. You can also use "netstat" in Windows to check whether the application is actually listening on port 2055. Have you contacted our support yet?

  • no not yet.this is a free tool do they support for it?If yes please provide me the address to contact.

    thank you for your help.I will check it and get back to u again.

  • Free tools are supported via thwack only, I am afraid. I thought you got this as part of Engineer's Toolset.

  • But i have already opened port 2055 on my ASA for this host but it is not listening as seen from netstat.

    My setting is host(NFTA)----ASA----router2951cisco. I want to monitor interface of router.do you have any idea why it is not working?

  • i am sorry to bother you time and again but i need serious help so. the wireshark shows that it is listening on port 2055.here is the screen shot.please correct me where i am wronguntitled3.JPG

  • In one of your previous posts, you mentioned you have v5 configured, but the WireShark screenshot in your last post shows the packet version as v9. Try using v5 instead. V9 may not be supported in the version you use or you may be experiencing an issue we found couple weeks ago.