How i can configure netflow nta and packetshaper?

Hi everyone

I wan to do traffic analysis, i have a packetshaper and i want to configure it with NTA, but i dont know how, anyone can help me please?


Hola a todos

Quiero hacer analisis de trafico con el NTA, tengo un packetshaper desde donde quiero redirigir el netflow al NTA, pero no se como configurarlo, alguien puede ayudarme por favor?


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  • Okay. The main problem here is that unless there is a NAT mapping for your PC (where your private IP address is translated by the ASA or whatever device you use to perform NAT into a public IP address) you're going to have a problem.

    So, first thing is to either establish a static public-to-private NAT mapping for your PC and allow communication from the outside world on port 2055, or configure a port-forwarding rule on your ASA where traffic coming in from the outside world destined for the ASA's public IP using port 2055 will be sent to your PC.

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