cannot receive netflow on my RTNA

Hello Experts

im trying to get netflow packets from my border internet router through my asa to a netflow collector on the inside network. im receiving hits on my access-list on my asa....but cannot

get netflow data.MY setup is HOST------ASA-----Router.I have enabled netflow on my router.Does only applying access list help?

My config is

access-list 101 extended permit tcp host host eq 2055.

Do i have to do the natting for this?

I am new to ASA pls help

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  • but i can see the SNMP connectivity through another interface of the same router.nnnn.bmp

    the two ip's are the ip of the 2 interfaces of the router.Also i can see the netflow traffic


    infact interface gigabitethernet0/0 is the same interface of the router with netflow traffic.Can u please see to it where am i now