how save interfaces configured in real-time monitor

Is there a way to save the monitors that's I've setup?  When I reboot I loose all of them and am not happy about it.

  • Not really sure what you're asking, could you be more specific and/or provide screenshots?

  • Clarification:  When using the Real-Time monitor you put in the IP and SNMP string and connect and pick an interface to open a Real-Time Monitor window(RTMw).  Then you pick another one and open that window or put a different IP in and open up lets say 20-30 small RTMw's.  If the machine reboots due to updates you loose all your RTMw's and you have to reconfigure.  If you exit properly they MIGHT all come back but we have seen them not come back and have to go through that process again.  Is there an INI file - for example - where that data is stored and can be backed up so if they all close you can just copy your RTMw's config back in so you don't have to go through each one - one at a time.  Hope that makes  more sense.  Thanks.

    I hear we had NetFlow Traffic Analyzer but they either didn't have it set up in a useful way or it just wasn't what they needed so they just use the RTM tool.

  • Does that clarification help?  Any ideas or point me to where this has been discussed - cause I didn't find anything on this?