What is my Community String for SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwith Monitor?

What is my Community String for SolarWinds Real-Time Bandwith Monitor?

Trying to set up the Bandwith Monitor and cannot get beyond the initial Device Info page.

Running a Windows 7 computer on a slow DSL connection via wireless G. 

For IP Address of Hostname am using my Win7 username.  Is this correct?

For Community String I tried using my Win7 Homegroup password and it was not accepted --"Credential Test Failed" error message.

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  • The Community String is something you set on the device to be monitored. How you do this varies by device, but you may find it has a default value of "public" (without the quote marks).

    The IP Address or Hostname is the IP address or the hostname of the device you want to monitor; not your Win7 username.

  • Is there someplace (documentation etc) that a total newbie can understand for a specific OS (WIN7 64) how to 'set up' or 'find out' about 'Community String'  I am lost and 'public' does not work.  please a pointer for a real beginner.

  • For the community string (default string, how to change, etc) you will need to talk to the vendor of the device to be monitored for assistance on setting the string and/or enabling SNMP on the device.

  • j5norman,

    In Windows 7 you can go into 'Computer Management', select 'Services' on the left pane, then double click 'SNMP Service' in the list on the right pane. Select the 'Security' tab and you will see a list of 'Accepted community name'. If you've never touched it before this list will be empty. Add a new string into the list. If the list is not empty then you can use any string from that list for your community string.

    If you need more details you can google "windows 7 snmp agent community" and you should get plenty of information.