Help in installing Real-Time bandwidth monitor

Hi folks,

I am getting no where trying to install this app on Win XP - SP3.

I made sure the SNMP service is running, and added the term "public" in the security settings as a community name, read only.

I have a NETGEAR WIRELESS CABLE VOICE GATEWAY CG3000, the manual does not have the term SNMP or community in it.  I dont know what SNMP functionality it has but have tried using version SNMP v1/v2c in device settings.

  What IP address to use?  The modem "Gateway status" indicates under Network Status, WAN, IP address, but Cable Modem IP Address is,  and elsewhere LAN IP address is shown as - factory default - so which do I use?

The modem manufacturer refers me to the ISP who supplied the modem, - they know next to nothing about its functionality or setup.

Is it possible the modem has no SNMP functionality, so cannot be monitored with this app?

Is real time bandwidth monitor only for use by hard core networking engineers - or can an average person set it up?  Any advice will be appreciated.