Need to monitor all device data usage on network. I thought this was an "easy" setup?

All I want to do is see how much data EACH device on my home network are consuming. I cannot even get past the initial setup of this. The "how to" video also seem to leave out the most important the community string. I am sorry but not every one is savy enough to just know what that is.

I also don't want to just see what is happening on one machine. I want to see all devices on my network, what they are doing and the amount of data that they are using. Why is this so hard? I just want an easy, step by step guide as how to make this happen. I don't know what my snmtpv2 community string is, nor have I ever even hear of it. I am having huge spike in data usage for no apparent reason and i cannot find ANYTHING that is user friendly  enough to show me what is on my network and the amount of data it is using. It says to enter the IP of the computer yuo want to monitor....I dont' want a machine monitor I want a network device monitor that shows usage amounts per device. Why is that so hard to find or setup? If I want to monitor the entire house, do I enter the IP of the router? Or what? I don't want to monitor one device!!!!!!

  • Tools that do what you are asking are usually made for business use and are usually intended to be set up by professional network and systems engineers.  The real time bandwidth monitor free tool from Solarwinds won't really do what you are asking anyway so it's probably not going to be worth the time on your end to learn about all those things like SNMP and such.

    What router do you have?  Many higher end consumer routers over the last few years just come with features like what you want built directly into their admin interface, here's an article talking about a few of them.  You should start by double checking the admin guide for your router, if it doesn't have the feature then you might just want to go buy one that does. Routers That Can Monitor Data Bandwidth Usage | WirelesSHack 

    There's also a lot of free software that runs on Linux that would be able to do a great job of doing what you are asking, but unless you are a tech hobbyist you might not have the appetite to go learn how to set something like that up.