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Cannot get the tool to run

I installed this tool just now and get to the section to enter the Domain Controller and credentials and it fails every time and closes out.  I know my admin creds are correct and the IP addy to the DC is correct.  I can't get the entire error to copy but it was something to do with the "required impersonation level".  I am trying to run this on a Windows 7 workstation. Any ideas?


  • I have the same problem. I have tried using dc ip and server name. trid domain\id. Tried three different known good id / pswds.

    Not a fun start to using this tool.

  • This is the frustrating part about SolarWinds. We pay for premium products at a steep price because they are the tools we need. SolarWinds always pimps these free products, trying to draw new customers in, but then the support for such products is abysmal and nearly zero patches are done to correct the bugs in these products. I know this is strong language, but It seems like bait-and-switch to me at this point. My experience with the Free Event Log Consolidator was the same. The tool was worthless after spending hours attempting to troubleshoot why it would continually crash, a workaround was needed that made the tool of no value to us.  I ahve not seen any new releases of these products lately to correct the bugs that customers are reporting.

    -END RANT-