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Permissions Analyzer not displaying NTFS permissions

When I try to analyze permissions on a file or folder, share permissions are enumerated correctly but not NTFS. The analyzer log file shows that it can find the AccessRightsDatabse object but the credentials for the domain are not available.  There are two domain controllers and the analyzer displays the same results regardless of which controller is used.  Does anyone have ideas of where I need to start looking to correct this issue?


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  • The only issue I can see right now is that you have an entry in the list of domain controllers for domain BBB but the search fails on not having credentials for domain BBB.CCC.DDD. Can you try specifying the full domain names in the settings?

    It appears from the log like there is no entry in the folder's NTFS access list for the SID of the user you are looking for, and it is not there even for the groups the user is a member of. Instead of trying the full path \\GGG\HHH\III, Check what happens with \\GGG\HHH\. If the III folder inherits all rights from HHH, it may not provide its own access list (this is just a theory).