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Help with Settings for Permissions Analyzer

Hi all! I am in need of some help setting up permissions analyzer. I've tried every combo I can think of and it still says bad password or login failure or domain. Now, I deal with these domains logging into them everyday , so I am not sure if I have things in the right order or what. Anyone can help? here's the print screen. Thank you!!


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    Are you sure you're entering the right credentials and that you have the appropriate permissions?

  • Yes, I am sys admin here and have downloaded it on my pc (not server) I have tried the host computer IP address and with domain name , username and password, then we have two hyper V 's on that pc and i have tried the DC IP address with that username and password along and then there's the File server I even tried that password and username and IP address.. do you think something could be blocking me, i.e. security? does it need to be on different PC? I really would like to get this up and running!

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    So, load it on your local PC, then use your Domain Admin credentials along with your DC IP address. 

  • I will try that and let you know. Thanks!

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