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User account permissions in Server 2012

I have successfully installed on my Win 7 workstation Permission Analyzer.  I also configured Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory Settings using a Domain Admin account.  The DC shows in the Added DCs box with a green check mark beside the domain.  When I run Analyze I get correct perms report on AD groups (Global and Domain Local), showing inheritance appropriately (Permission Analyzer01.png), but also get Results:  Warning, some information outside the active domain was unreachable: Credentials for domain are not available (Permission Analyzer02.png).

When analyzing perms for a user account known to have permissions on a specific share folder I get "not specified" for NTFS and Share perms, and red X in all total columns (Permission Analyzer03.png).  I also receive the same Results:  Warning mentioned above.  I tried another account known to have perms on the specific folder with the same result.  Is this a problem with Server 2012, or is there something else I can try?

Thanks for any help.