Solarwins NDS Assessment Tool (NDS) - Query which Ports/Protocols

Hello All,

I was wondering if you could assist me with the following.  We have installed (seems free executable) of Solarwins  NDS Assessment Tool (NDS).  This was the file name in case you are interested SolarWindsNDSAssessment-v1.0

The client is using a Solarwins Network Configuration Manager (NCM) and we want to get the data and upload to Cisco CDS for life cycle analysis

Anyway, we follow the simple steps and enter all the details in the Solarwins  NDS Assessment Tool (NDS) tool:

1. NCM Server IP and logon credentails

2. My Cisco user details

3. Customer Email and my email and so fort

Then we select Start generate report and we get an error :  "policy falsified"

The customer allows HTTP and HTTPS from his NCM server. there are no DENY logs in the FW anymore (HTTPS was added yesterday)


Is someone able to assist me what this error means or perhaps there are other protocols or port numbers needed to be allowed on the firewall.

Many thanks in advance for any help!

Best Wishes