Difficulties submitting to Cisco


I'm trying to submit a 55-device inventory to Cisco, garnered from Network Configuration Manager on Orion 7.1.1.  The NDS tool takes a very long time to get beyond about 25%, and then either bombs, or Cisco comes back saying there were 55 errors.


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  • Tks braddis. Is inventorying your devices as suggested by braddis does not improve, then you might want to wait for an improved version which will improve this issue.

    We will post in this forum when available.

  • About 20 of the devices are inventoried.  4 times, my inventory attempts resulted in the IIS server crashing and I had to reboot the system (not knowing how else to restart the specific IIS server instance in question).  I gave up, stopped messing around, and just tried to submit.

    The fact that not a single device is being accepted by CDS suggests that the problem isn't directly related to if a device is inventoried or not.

    I don't really have an option to wait for a new version to come out.  This needs to work in a couple days, or I'll be forced to use another tool from a B-team software vendor.  emoticons_sad.png