NDS 1.0.4 service release available for download

We have heard the feedback about the challenges that some of you were experiencing running NDS.

We have responded to this input by a service release: NDS v1.0.4:

  • NDS robustness improvements
  • Fix an NDS issue when a non USA country is specified
  • NDS Rollback transaction in case of failure
  • Improvement in the way the progress status is being tracked.

The NDS 1.0.4 download link has been sent to all SolarWinds Partners that have filled the request. Please post here if you have not received this email.

If you 'd like to fill the request and receive the tool, please fill this form on your Partner Portal.

Remember that it requires a Cisco CDS API set of credential, because it uses this Cisco API to retrieve the report data. And it also uses NCM - Network Configuration Manager - as a pre-requisite.