Any way to export results from Network Discovery?

What we are trying to do is attempt to export the results of the devices found from Network Discovery into Excel. I know there is the option at the top of most SolarWinds pages that allows you to export to PDF, but in all reality all it really does is take a screen shot of most pages.

I have tried adding the extension at the end of the report URL to force it to download the report in Excel, but the page only comes up as not found after that.

I know this question has been asked in the past, but I'm hoping a fresh pair of eyes or possibly someone knowledgeable in SQL can help me make this report happen...

  • It's doable, you just need to figure out what you want to get out of there

    This SQL query would get you basically all of the interesting bits, you can run it in the database manager and then export it to a csv and clean it up in excel if you like or you could do the cleanup in sql.

    SELECT TOP 1000 *

    FROM [DiscoveryProfiles] p

    left join discoverednodes n on n.profileid=p.profileid and n.profileid=p.profileid

    left join discoveredinterfaces i on i.discoverednodeid=n.nodeid and p.profileid=i.profileid

    left join discoveredvolumes v on n.nodeid=v.discoverednodeid and v.profileid=p.profileid

    left join apm_discoveredblackboxiisinstances iis on iis.profileid=p.profileid and iis.discoverednodeid=n.nodeid

    left join apm_discoveredblackboxsqlinstances sql on sql.profileid=p.profileid and sql.discoverednodeid=n.nodeid

    left join apm_discoveredblackboxwstminstances wstm on wstm.profileid=p.profileid and wstm.discoverednodeid=n.nodeid

    left join apm_discoveredexchangeservers exch on exch.profileid=p.profileid and exch.discoverednodeid=n.nodeid

  • SELECT TOP 100 IPAddress, Hostname, DNS, MachineType, Vendor

    FROM [DiscoveredNodes] p

    Order By IPAddress

    This will grab you some of the basics. The report mesverrum supplied works great also.