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I am new to Net Config Gen, and thwack in general, so let me know if I should post some other way or place. 

I do not see where I set my proxy settings in NCG.  At this point I am a work and need it set on.  However, I take my laptop home and do most of my grunt work at night, so I need to know how to change it back and forth. 

Thanks, Bob L

  • Hi Bob - you might try setting your IE proxy settings - that should work. I talked to one of our dev guys and he was saying that IE should pick up the proxy settings, but Firefox does not. We'll track your request for a future enhancement as well. 


  • I am using IE 7, with proxy settings that allow me to function just fine.  I don't think I have a problem there.  The actual error message may imply that I need proxy credentials for NCG, not just IE set to use the proxy, but I'll await your feedback. 

    "Unable to download list of templates from thwack.  The server returned the following error information: Status Code 407 - ProxyAuthenticationRequired"

  • Hi Bob - unfortunately, this isn't something we can solve. I checked with dev and there's no workaround for the free tool. However, when it's integrated into NCM it will work seamlessly for you, so look for that in the near future. 


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