Feature Request

When functions are added to NCM for templates please also add them to the config generator. I have been using the config generator as a test bed for template creation.

Please add items that you have in NCM Now.

String Manipulation  (I have to use a comma separator in user interactive questions to separate /CIDR)


User interactive integers cannot be used to add and subtract.

Please add                ***********(I realize this is a free tool. Add more functionality and have it unlock as part of the ET or NCM upon licensing would be fine with me, I have both.)  ***************  

Custom Attributes so I can match production.

Save some information about the devices. Like IP and SNMP strings. And if Custom attributes are saved please save them on exit.

Custom function calls so we may reuse code.

Example: Grab Network, IP Address and Mask from user entries.

Repeating Code without a custom function call:

  //Finalize IP Address

string @ipOCT2 = getoctet (@dNetwork,2)

string @ipOCT3 = getoctet (@dNetwork,3)

string @ipOCT4 = getoctet (@dNetwork,4)


  //Set Subnet Mask from CIDR Entry from Array String @v700IPAddress

if (@dNetMask == '/30')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/29')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/28')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/27')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/26')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/25')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/24')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/23')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/22')

  @NetworkMask = ''

if (@dNetMask == '/21')

  @NetworkMask = ''


I would also like to see the default values to be set. Example - Go get all current ports that are setup for access. Trunk, or WAP.

Suppression of user input based on a dependent question such as WAP Setup Y/N would suppress the requirement to have a selection on the WAP interface.

I know you may not intend on people using this as a dev before we work on templates in NCM, but it is so much easier to control on a per switch test setup than NCM in a SOX environment. I would appreciate and be excited to see the team that is responsible for this application see the tools as I now do. Dev for NCM templates.