Can IP SLA Target display as router hostname versus router IP when manually adding already configured IP SLA operation?

2013-10-22 15_24_12-IP SLA Summary View.png

We have an eval copy of VNQM 4.1.

When I navigate to "Add IP SLA Operations."  Then under IP SLA Operations Wizard I select the radio button for the following:

Monitor existing operations

- Manually add operations already configured on routers. Use this option if you do not have write access to IP SLA devices."

As I walk through the wizard it finds the new SLA operation from the hub router and adds the new operation with the IP address of the remote router.  So when you view All IP SLA Operations you see the operation listed with the hub router and remote IP of the target router.

Is it possible to have VNQM add the hostname of the target router rather than the IP of the target router?

The hub router is configured with an auto policy where remote routers can automatically register with the hub.