Nodes not showing on the wizard

Hello all

I'm trying to set up SolarWinds to get IP sla results that I'm currently running on several Cisco network devices.

The IP SLA is running fine. The issue is that when I try to Add a new operation, I'm not able to find any node.

There is some ports that I need to open on the workstation or maybe disable the WS firewall?

I got a RO snmp community set on the devices.

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • We normally add Cisco IP SLA source routers to NPM first to ensure they can be monitored.  Then we either use IP SLA Manager discovery to add them to IP SLA Manager node list or we add them manaually.  If you cannot monitor the Cisco IP SLA source routers using NPM then you can try temporarily turning off Windows Firewall.  If Windows firewall is blocking traffic you will have to add rules to allow ICMP and SNMP responses.  If you do not wan to using NPM then you can RDP to NPM host and try to ping Cisco IP SLA source routers.  You can also use SNMP tools like those found at

  • For some of the operation types as well you may need both a read/write string, or CLI credentials in order for IPSLA to be able to get the information.  If you are not seeing the nodes, though, make sure you have added the nodes into NPM to be monitored, then go into the IPSLA settings, or in the newer version the VoIP and Network Quality Manager Settings, and under IP SLA Management under Manage IP SLA Nodes try both the Automatically Discover IP SLA Capable Nodes and Manually Add Nodes....  This will allow you to add the nodes in order to monitor the operations you have added to them.


    Matthew Harvey

    Loop1 Systems

  • Hello Adeese2

    I´ve found that the issue was the Symantec Endpoint protection blocking SNMP ports on the workstation.

    Thanks in advance for the support!