How to correctly display IP SLA ICMP echo data in a chart


I have recently downloaded IP SLA Monitor in order to chart the results of IP SLA operations on our network in NPM [specifically ping round trip times from a Cisco 2960 to a server in our data centre].

I have the 2960 configured as follows:

ip sla 1


     frequency 30

ip sla schedule 1  life forever start-time now

I created this config via IP SLA monitor, exported it into NPM, and assigned it to the switch in question. As I understand it this switch should send a single ping to every 30seconds and continue doing so forever. But when I look at this chart in NPM there are several problems:

1) The Y axis of the chart is not labelled, so the values being recorded dont appear to mean anything. I opened Universal Device Poller and looked in the advanced options, and the MIB value is "Raw Value" with the format set to "None". I changed this to "Time Ticks" but it hasn't made any difference to the chart. How do I label the Y axis as milliseconds?

2) The chart is only recording a value every 10mins or so, despite the switch being configured to perform a ping every 30seconds and the Sample Interval of the chart being set to "Every Minute". Why is it not displaying most of the values?

Ideally I would like the chart to look something like the second picture I have attached [I realise this picture isn't from Solarwinds but its the closest I could find to the sort of chart I need to create].

Thanks in advance