IP Address Tracker not working


so we wanted to test out the new advertised Software "IP Address Tracker".

After we installed the Software on our System we couldn't start the IP Address Manager.

Trying to start the Software gives the following error:


I don't see any Service called "Orion Module Engine" in the service manager.

I already tried to repair the Installation with the local Administrator, which didn't help.

When I installed the Software I told it to create a local DB.

Thanks in advance.

  • *Update* Supported provided the following link to the Microsoft Fix it tool which was successful in removing the app: Uninstall Using Microsoft Fix it | Download & Install | Autodesk Knowledge Network

    I'm having the exact same issue with this tool and was told by SolarWinds Support that they do not provide support for free tools and to just check the community boards. Reply is below.

    Thank you for contacting SolarWinds Technical Support. My name is Wendell Bazile and I am a technical support manager at Solarwinds.

    IP Address Tracker is a free tool provided to the community and does not have any technical support or maintenance contract.

    With all free tools Solarwinds provides we do offer community support on our Thwack website

    please feel free to search for your issue there or post a new thread concerning your issue for assistance

    Thwack forum for community support

    Free Tools | THWACK

    We shall close this ticket. If you have any issues concerning any licensed Solarwinds products please submit a new ticket online.

    Best Regards,

    Wendell Bazile

    Manager, Technical Support

  • Ok maybe I can just repair the...nope. Trying to use the 'Repair' option presents this fatal error.


  • Just run the Configuration Wizard and check mark all 3 boxes and it will reinstall the services and communicate with the database.

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