Unexpected Error; quitting - when installing IP Tracker Free

This is on XP Pro SP3 and I have full admin rights. I have many apps installed on this laptop all running well. Any idea what might cause this. I get the error both when attempting to install, repair and uninstall. AV turned off. Also get it when attempting the run the app after an install. Other apps are installing just fine.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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  • Since we are unable to reproduce this, would either of you be willing to use ProcessMonitor from Microsoft (Link), filter on msiexec.exe, the name of the installer executable (SolarWindsIPAddressTracker.exe, I think), and IP-Address-Tracker.exe, and send me the resulting log file?



  • Sure will. I will try to get this done asap.

  • Hello all-

    I recently downloaded and tried to install the free IP Address Tracker program to give it a whirl.  I am having an issue with the installation though.  I have tried several download mirros and different unzip programs to make sure it wasn't the file I was receiving, but it will never install correctly. It performs the motions fine until it gets to "removing backup files" and then a box pops up stating "unexpected error; quitting", if you hit OK the installation continues but if you try to run the program you get the same error message. Even on an uninstall you get the message, sometimes more than once.  Tried a fresh reboot, and removed all registry entries in hopes that it was just a failed install but can't get it to push. Install tried on a XP PRO 32bit SP3 O/S to no avail.  Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. Have another SolarWinds product, LanSurveyor Express, which installed and works just fine.  If anyone has had similar issues or any suggestions that maybe I have overlooked, that would be greatly appeciated as I am excited to try out this product.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I will run the process explorer program and post the results.

  • Greg-

    Could you please tell us what information you would like tracked, even after the filters are applied my .PML file from the log is 238MB which seems rather large for a simple log file. Would you like process and thread activity along with registry activity or do you need more than that?


  • I was able to get a look at this issue on DDrapers machine (Thanks!), and it was a registry permissions issue.

    Please ensure you are installing as an admin, and follow the following steps ensure admins have write access to the registry.

    1. As always, use care when editing the registry. If you are not sure of what you are doing, please consult someone who can assist you.
    2. Open Regedit
    3. Highlight the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key at the very top of the tree.
    4. Right mouse click the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and select "Permissions..." from the context menu.
    5. In the permissions dialog, in the Group or username dialog, if the Administrators group is present, select it, and check "Full control" in the permissions list (if it is already checked, uncheck it and check it again so that the Apply button becomes enabled.  If the Administrators group is not present, add it, and give it full control of the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
    6. Click Apply, then OK.
    7. Try the installer again, and post any feedback here.



  • Greg-

    You're a genius! I modified the registry as you instructed and it worked perfectly.  It is a little odd though, because I am the local admin on my laptop and the main administrative account for my entire domain and network.  Sometimes it is the little things that get overlooked! 

    Thanks again for all your help,


  • Actually Greg, I filterd on

    • msiexec.exe
    • IP-Address-Tracer.exe
    • SolarWindsIPAddressTracker.exe
    • SolarWindsIPAddressTracker.msi

    and even made sure it included all instances of process ID 2972 & 3924 but never thought to add Regsvr32.exe.  I already emailed you my log file about half an hour ago in a compressed .CSV file.

  • Greg-

    I have to echo Nichola on this one You're awsome! I made the appropriate registry changes and reinstalled the app with no issues at all. The app now runs perfectly.

    Thanks again for all your help,