Issues with ftp voyager connecting to globalscape ftp server

Is there a known issue with ftp voyager and globalscape ftp server? I have tried to connect to the globalscape ftp server with 2 different servers that are on different networks and I am getting the same error. The company that im trying to connect to also installed ftp voyager and is getting the same failed to connect error that I am. Any help is appreciated thank you.

This is all the info Im getting when failing to connect.

STATUS> Connecting to "" on port 22.
STATUS> Connected to from
STATUS> Negotiating SSH2 session with server...
STATUS> Client Identification: SSH-2.0-FTP Voyager_16.2.0.328
STATUS> Server Identification: SSH-2.0-1.82_sshlib GlobalSCAPE
STATUS> Initializing key exchange process...
ERROR> The server has unexpectedly closed the connection.
ERROR> Could not establish a connection to ftpserver.

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