FTP Voyager 16.1 Log Settings


Hello all,

Voyager has been chugging along for weeks now, with no issues. All of a sudden, the logging behaviour has changed, and I don't understand why. ALL scheduled jobs have logging set like this:


In the past, I would get 1 log file per day that contained all the logs of all the jobs that ran that day: 2014-07-11.txt, 2014-07-12.txt, and so on.

Then all of a sudden, the file 2014-07-14.txt was the last log file created. All the jobs are still being logged, but into the file of the 14th. Why did Voyager suddenly stop creating new log files? There were no updates to the software, the server, the OS, etc. I tried restarting the service, recreating a job, but no luck. Note: I realize the Automatically rotate Log Files is set to Never, but this has been the case from day 1 when it was working. The fact that my logfile name is a variable should force new files to be created. What am I missing?


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