Disconnected when connecting

I´m trying to connect to a SFTP, but i received the log

STATUS> Connecting to "" on port 22.
STATUS> Connected to from
STATUS> Negotiating SSH2 session with server...
STATUS> Client Identification: SSH-2.0-FTP Voyager_16.2.0.328
STATUS> Server Identification: SSH-2.0-WS_FTP-SSH_8.6.1.1504
STATUS> Initializing key exchange process...
ERROR> The server has unexpectedly closed the connection.
ERROR> Could not establish a connection to Destination.

To check if there is a problem at Destination SFTP i have used a different SFTP Client and worked well.

FTP Voyager

Any Ideas?

  • I discovered the problem.
    The server version is WS_FTP-SSH and this server is incompatible with Voyager.
    I tried a different version of WS_FTP-SSH 7.7 and it worked.

    I think there is a problem with FTP Voyager between WS_FTP-SSH during the "hand shake for excehange keys"