FTP Voyager does not work with Serv-U using FTP/FTPS protocols over TLS

We have had some complaints about connecting to our Serv-U server with FTP Voyager, because of these complaints I have decided to test it myself.

FTP Voyager version:

Serv-U version:

I don't have many SSL/TLS options for the FTP/FTPS protocols in FTP Voyager but it fails when it tries to read the SSL certificate. We use this solution:

Deploy Serv-U MFT in a cluster - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

This is the error:


FileZilla and FTP Voyager with the exact same settings, from the exact same computer, with the same user and at the same time. FileZilla works, FTP Voyager does not.


The log the Serv-U server shows when FTP Voyager wants to connect.

I have asked the Solarwinds support for help because we make use of their Serv-U solution but they do not support their FTP Voyager application, so they cannot help me.

Do you guys have any problems with FTP Voyager in combination with these solutions FTP explict FTP over TLS or FTP implicit FTP over TLS?

If yes, do you have any solution?

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