Help needed to enable namespace privileges during WMI configuration on SBS 2008

I'm trying to get Solar Winds Exchange Monitor working, and so I'm stepping through the section called

Configuring WMI on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

which I found at file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/SolarWinds/ExchangeMonitor/help/ExchangeMonitor.htm#wmi

I'm using Small Business Server 2008, and the instructions don't match what I see.

Specifically, on step 2 of "To enable namespace and subnamespaces privileges:"

it says to open "Services and Applications" but the closest I see is "Services"

Assuming "Services" was correct, I was asked to click "WMI Control" but there is nothing by that name. I can see "Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)" and "Windows Modules Installer" and "Windows Management Instrumentation".

Assuming it was "Windows Management Instrumentation", it says to click the security tab, expand the Root group, and then click CIMV2. However, I cannot see the security tab (just general, log on, recovery and dependencies).

I'm guessing the instructions were for a version that I have superceded. I am currently using Small Business Server 2008. Can anyone please identify the steps I should be using, or guide me back to the point where I can continue with these instructions? Thanks!