pinging my floppy drive??

I find that as long as I have Exchange Monitor running that the floppy drive on my server keeps being pinged (i guess that's the best word for it).  Turn it off and the noise stops.  Is there a way to tell it NOT to monitor the floppy drive???

  • This is a common issue related to how Windows handles SNMP
    polling - if you have volume monitored on the machine, it will access the
    floppy drive as well.  We do have a possible workaround, although this is
    not guaranteed:


    1) Open the domain policy that applies to your users

    2) Browse to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows
    Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options

    3) Find the entry for "Devices: Restrict Floppy Access to locally
    logged-on user only"

    4) Set it to enabled


    Or you could simply disable the floppy device using Device

  • I just went ahead and disabled the floppy as I don't use it anyways.....