Installing Exchange Monitor

Hi there,

I have installed Exchange Monitor on our exchange server (running server 2003), but i cannot get any further. The icon sits in the system tray once i have launched the app, but when you attempt to maximise it, nothing happens. All i get is the app sitting in the task bar but it will not maximise.

Any ideas?


  • Hi Skymoo,

    I have seen this behavior on an incomplete installation. I recommend you uninstall it and try again.  Did you install it directly on the Exchange server? You can do this but you don't have to. The monitor can be installed on your PC and will monitor the exchange server form there. This make it much more useful.


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for your quick replies! Yes, i am using UltraVNC which is simliar to WebEx, so i guess that explains it.

    I had installed it directly on the exchange server, so i have now installed it on my PC and it is running fine now.

    many thanks for your help!


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