The Exchange Server WMI counters could not be collected

I am having the same issue as reported by other users of this application. I have followed the other THREADS as to how this can be solved, and I am still having the same issue.

 I restarted the WMI services on the target server and have confimed that all permision are correct for the client and the target server.

 Please Help.

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    0 FormerMember over 9 years ago in reply to ShamChauthani

    In my case I don't use smtp. Please give clear steps with some explination. Most of us are unfamiliar with WMI scripting and some of us (Such as I) have some creative security configurations and would like to know what we are looking for. Maybe even a heads-up as to what we are actually doing with this wbemtest.exe tool. Most of the troubleshooting tools say to look for these particular tags but where do we look......