The Exchange Server WMI counters could not be collected

I am having the same issue as reported by other users of this application. I have followed the other THREADS as to how this can be solved, and I am still having the same issue.

 I restarted the WMI services on the target server and have confimed that all permision are correct for the client and the target server.

 Please Help.

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  • From the machine where you are trying to run the Exchange Monitor, could you please try verifying WMI connection using WBEMTEST?

    1. On command line execute wbemtest

    2. Connect to the Exchange Server (\\EXCHANGE_SERVER\root\default) and specify the credentials you are using in Exchange Monitor

    3. Try running the following query

    SELECT LocalQueueLength from Win32_PerfRawData_SMTPSVC_SMTPServer

    This should give you a more detailed error of why we are running into this issue.