I need help to generate a SWQL query to get list of all mailboxes and item count for a specific date

I cant seem to find the table i need to use on swql studio. The report using report writer restricts output to 100 mailboxes only.

  • Hope this help:


    a1.MailboxID, b1.UserLogonName, b1.UserName, 

    a1.TotalItemSize, a1.ItemCount,

    a1.AttachmentsSize, a1.AttachmentsCount,


    FROM Orion.APM.Exchange.MailboxStatistics a1

    LEFT JOIN Orion.APM.Exchange.Mailbox b1 on a1.MailboxID = b1.ID

    WHERE DateTrunc('day',  a1.TimeStamp) = '2016-03-05 00:00:00'