current email traffic at any instant of time ?

Dear Sir,

Kindly forgive me if i am posting in the wrong place. Because this is my first query related to Exchange 2010 of Microsoft Exchange.

i am using below query to find out the "Total Email Traffic Per Hour

for Each Separate Day" of the log parser 2.2 using message tracking logs of our HUB Transport server of exchange 2010.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Log Parser 2.2\logparser.exe" "SELECT


date-time],0,'.')), 'yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss'),3600)) AS Hour, COUNT(*) AS

Messages from *.log where event-id='RECEIVE' GROUP BY Hour ORDER BY

Hour ASC" -i:CSV -nSkipLines:4 -rtp:-1

But i want to find out "Email Traffic just at the moment of execution

of command ". What will be the query for it. To elaborate it further,

when i issue the command it should give me just one output as a

numerical figure indicating "Traffic present right now only"  and

nothing else. For example if time is 11:40 and i execute the command

then it should give what is the email traffic at this instant of

time(11:40) only and not about history of mail traffic.

What i will do of this data is that i will use MRTG tool to plot this

numerical figure after every 5 minutes using scheduled task of Windows

OS. In this way i will have traffic graph of our email traffic after

every 5 minutes using MRTG. I just want that numerical figure using

the query.

If possible kindly share the query for receive, sent ,and

combined(receive+sent) email traffic. I shall be very great full to

you. I have tried a lot but failed every time.