MDT 2012- windows update not working

Server- Windows 2008 r2

Patched sp2

MDT 2012

# SolarwindsRegistered Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent

# 3/26/2013

Machine state

  User rights:                                       User has administrator rights

  Update service status:                             Running

  Background Intelligent Transfer service status:    Stopped

  OS Version:                                        Windows 7 Professional  Service Pack 1

  Windows update agent version:                      7.6.7600.256 (WU Agent is OK)

Windows Update Agent configuration settings

  Automatic Update:                                  Enabled

  Options:                                           Automatically download and notify of installation

  Use WSUS Server:                                   Enabled

  Windows Update Server:                   

  Windows Update Status Server:            

  WSUS URLs are identical:                           Identical

  WSUS URL is valid:                                 Valid URL

WSUS Server Connectivity

  clientwebservice/client.asmx:                      OK

  simpleauthwebservice/simpleauth.asmx:              OK

  content:                                           Error: Forbidden (Incorrect proxy client configuration - use settings tab to test proxy configuration settings; may also be caused by misconfigured SSL implementation or access rights on WSUS server)

  selfupdate/                            OK                                       OK

  • Greetings Hugh.

    The Background Intelligent Transfer Service is stopped state is something you'll want to address. On a desktop OS, BITS should be configured with Automatic Start and it should be running. (On Win7 you can also configure it with Delayed Start to help with system start-up performance.) If BITS is not running, the WUAgent cannot download updates, and thus updates will not be installed.

    The "error" on the Content v-dir when WSUS is running on Server2008R2 is caused because the Directory Browsing module is installed, but the client is being denied access. IIS returns an HTTP 403.14 to the client, and the Diag Tool traps the HTTP 403 as a proxy error (even though this isn't actually a proxy error). Generally, the Directory Browing module should not be installed on a WSUS server because it is not needed. The best option would be to remove that module. In the event that some other app requires that module (e.g. I presume from the server name that this may also be a SEP server), then just be aware of the source of the message and that it can be safely ignored in this instance.

    Now, the other question here is what the significance of MDT2012 might be. I'm not understanding that part of the question.