Call Detail Record Tracker, adjust for local time.

I am using SolarWinds' free tool Call Detail Record Tracker, it is working fine, except that when it loads the CDR data, it uses the UTC timestamp in the CDR, and displays that time without adjusting it for the local time. Is there a setting to allow for this? I haven't been able to find it.

Or, is there any other way to get the timestamp to adjust?


  • Hello,

    There is no such setting, but you can check file timestamp and adjust your settings.

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  • Thanks for your response yleshch,

    I have already checked the CDR file timestamp, What I've found out, is that CDRs store the timestamp as UTC, and therefore, depending on your local time zone, there is a time gap between the time stored on the CDR, and the local time. In my case is 5 hours, since I am in the (UTC -6) Central Time (US, Canada), time zone. I am five hours behind UTC because of the current Daylight Savings Time. So, if something was logged at 11:00am in the CDR, I have to wait until 4:00pm for the Call Detail Record Tracker to display the log. As you can guess this is not ideal.

    Since there is no way to adjust the time on the Call Detail Record Tracker, I don't know if there is a way to adjust the settings on Cisco Call Manager for the timestamp on the CDRs. I have researched this, but haven't found a way to adjust it. Do you, or anyone reading this, know how to get it done? I'd appreciate the help.