There is no CDR data returned from server

Ok downloaded the latest tool today - SolarWinds-VOIP-CDR-Tracker-P17167

Running it on Windows 7 64bit.

Connecting to FTP server where the CUCM v8.6 is exporting the CDR files to.

Test successful.

FTP and SFTP tested, Server shows CDRT connecting and downloading index.

CDRT returns "There is no CDR data returned from server".

I checked the directory for a log file and there is none.

I checked my settings and it is set for "Warning".

Tested setting logging level to all but off and no log file generated in "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\CallDetailRecordTracker"

Tried changing data time to any of the available selections, no success.



Sample File names:


Sample File (first one in above image) attached.